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Settling the Land

Both Jones Group REALTORS® and the family behind the company have a storied history in Western Massachusetts.  For over 270 years the Jones family has been deeply rooted here, dating back to 1741 when the family forebears first settled in the Upper Pioneer Valley.  The Jones family members, through the centuries, have always been active in matters of land, beginning with farming, extending into forest management, and evolving into real estate.

The Blueprints

The Jones Group REALTORS® story began in 1958 when Denison H. Jones founded the company from the living room of his Amherst home.  Denny, warm and charismatic, known for hard work and a keen sense of humor, sought his own path.  He left the family land and lumber business to pursue the field of real estate.  By 1970, the D. H. Jones Real Estate Company had grown and moved into its current Triangle Street offices in Amherst.  Through hard work and dedication, Denny built his company into a local industry leader.

In 1988, the next Jones generation accepted leadership when, continuing in the tradition and heritage of providing top customer service, Gerald L. Jones joined his father in the family business as General Manager, soon after taking the role of President/CEO in 1990.  After Denny’s retirement in 1992, the next generation purchased the family business and has since operated under the Jones family commitment to honesty and integrity.

Framing In

For over a half century the Jones Group has been widely respected as a unique and creative brokerage.  With two locations in the center of Amherst and Northampton, and 50+ real estate professionals to serve you, the extensive Jones Group REALTORS® canopy reaches across the entire Pioneer Valley, from Amherst to Greenfield, from Pelham to the foot hills of the Berkshires.  Locally owned and fiercely independent, the Jones name has become known for service excellence and providing a truly local perspective on real estate.

As the largest independent and family-owned real estate agency in the region, the philosophy of providing exceptional service has gained the company a loyal following and a fine reputation in the community. Today, Jones Group REALTORS® strives to provide the finest in real estate services available by offering a comprehensive marketing approach to the sale of property and quality representation in the purchase of property.

Laying the Hearth

Jones Group REALTORS® owes much of its success to a business model of partnership with its REALTORS®.  They are trained to be independent, yet networked within a teamwork atmosphere where new ideas and best practices are shared. Jones REALTORS® are true locals who reflect the rich history of the Jones family—devoted, woven into their community, and more than anything else, established here in the Valley.  Jones REALTORS® serve on our chambers of commerce, school committees, town and city committees, and volunteer and church groups. It is the REALTORS® and their spheres of influence that provide the greatest benefit to you as a consumer and set Jones apart from the competition. When you enlist one of their REALTORS®, whether in the sale or purchase of a property, you will receive the most in personalized service and advice from an experienced professional.  They are dedicated to our communities as a whole.

Running the Cable

Gerald Jones believes that to be the leader, Jones must be at the forefront of digital innovation, integrity, knowledge and experience.  State-of-the-art tools, technology and IT training are provided by Jones Group REALTORS® to their team of REALTORS® to ensure the highest level of service possible. 

Legendary Service, Every Client, Every Time.

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