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Incorporated in 1775 - Hampshire County

Located in the fertile and scenic Connecticut River Valley, Amherst enjoys views of hills and mountains in all directions. Although originally a farming community, Amherst's main industry is now education, since it is the home of the main campus of the University of Massachusetts as well as two private colleges, Amherst College and Hampshire College. Consequently, the town's population varies from about 35,000 during the academic year to the mid-20's during the summer. Amherst celebrates the written word with the Emily Dickinson Homestead, The National Yiddish Book Center and the Eric Carle Museum. The town's commercial, social and cultural life benefit from the liveliness and diversity stimulated by the colleges and the University. Amherst has long supported excellent public schools, libraries and town services; it has also worked hard both to preserve farming and open space and to provide affordable housing. Amherst is one of the few towns in the Commonwealth to have met the goal of having 10% of its housing stock affordable. Check out this You Tube video about Amherst. (Department of Housing & Community Development)

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