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Incorporated in 1673 - Franklin County

The Town of Deerfield is an historic rural suburban center on the primary corridor between Northampton and Greenfield in the Connecticut River Valley. It was the earliest community settled in Franklin County. Because of its strategic location, the town was subjected to repeated attacks from French and Indian forces through the early 18th century and was actually abandoned during King Philip's war. An outstanding collection of houses survives from this period, some preserving the hatchet and bullet scars from battles. The early Deerfield economy was built on tobacco and cucumbers, pickle factories and the manufacture of pocketbooks, but a major economic force in the community has been the private schools. Deerfield is host to Deerfield Academy, the Eaglebrook School and the Bement School. The town is also the site of a major craft fair each year which brings in over 250 selected exhibitors and is considered to be one of the most important craft fairs in the northeast. The town's museum in the center of Old Deerfield offers 19 exhibit rooms and many concerts throughout the season. Visitors are able to tour 13 of the historic residences in the town. Deerfield is home to the Yankee Candle Village-Flagship. (Narrative based on information provided by the Massachusetts Historical Commission)

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