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Incorporated in 1855 - Hampshire County

The Town of Huntington is referred to locally as the gateway to the Berkshires. Bounded by Northampton to the east and Westfield to the south, Huntington is a desirable bedroom community. The town's rural character and its natural resources are a source of pride to all of its almost 2000 residents. Huntington has a varied, in some cases spectacular, topography. The town contains a series of narrow valleys through which several streams and rivers flow. In contrast, there are hills which reach over 1400 feet in altitude. The Knightville and Littleville dams provide scenic impoundments amounting to some 2400 acres of federally owned open space while approximately 70 acres is contained in Gardner State Park. Huntington offers swimming, fishing, hiking and picnicking within its borders. In the early spring, the oldest continuously run whitewater race in the United States is held. The 40th Annual Westfield River Whitewater Canoe Race was held in 1993, which also marked the first time the Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver National competition was held in Massachusetts. The Westfield River Canoe Club has applied to host the nationals again. Residents feel that the controlled release of water from the Knightville Dam and the many accessible viewing areas, which made Huntington a good location for the race, also demonstrated to visitors from across the nation, the unique and precious resources which characterize the town. (Narrative supplied by community)

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