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Incorporated in 1774 - Franklin County

Roaring Brook in the eastern part of town was crucial to the 19th century industrial period.  Mills and shops proliferated, and Leverett was a self-sufficient community with goods and foods to spare, populated by hard-working farmers, lumbermen and shop hands. Recent years have brought a diversity of skills and lifestyles, as educators are drawn to the Five College area; craftsmen, artists and musicians find a creative atmosphere; transportation and communication development allows professionals to choose their work base.  The architecture of Leverett's homes reflects these changes.  Federal and Greek revival houses are firmly anchored by venerable maples.  Later capes and ranch houses and recent large modern homes have joined them to present a pleasing variety of individual dwellings.  In a similar manner, religious buildings include not only the traditional Congregational and Baptist churches but a regional Friends Meeting House and a huge white Buddhist Peace Pagoda atop a hill. The people of Leverett are consistently generous in sharing their many skills.  Although they radiate in many directions, they come together in the Leverett Elementary school,  gather at the local library to volunteer in town activities, and to meet at the Village Coop with love and pride in their town. LeverettNet, fiber-optic high-speed broadband was recently built by the Town of Leverett; ISP provider is Crocker Communications.

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