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Incorporated in 1743 - Hampshire County

Pelham was first settled in 1738 by a group of Scotsmen. They had sent a scout to look America over before committing themselves to a drastic move across the Atlantic Ocean. Having received good reports, nearly 100 families set out for Boston arriving in 1718. After trying a number of sites the group finally settled in Pelham. By 1739 the residents of Pelham had established the first school and were making provisions for saw and grist mills. Today Pelham is still a great place to settle, bordered by Shutesbury on the north, Belchertown on the south, Amherst on the west, and Quabbin Reservoir on the east. The Town has its own government but is part of the Amherst Regional School System and the Quabbin Health District which is also comprised of the towns of Ware and Belchertown. These cooperatives allow the small community to have its own identity yet share services with other larger towns. Pelham also shares its zip code, 01002, with Amherst. Primarily a residential area, many of the residents work in the surrounding towns and at the University of Massachusetts.

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