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We are delighted to welcome Matthew Crowner to our Amherst office. Matthew grew up in the Amherst/Pelham area having lived here almost his entire life, the last three years being the exception. During that time, he lived in New York City where he took improv comedy classes and did a little bit of acting.  Mathew and friends began their own improv team and performed and hosted dozens of shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Though he loved New York, he never felt at home there like in Western Massachusetts.  Matthew missed the feeling this area can give you, including the beauty of Amethyst Brook,  Mt. Sugarloaf and the Quabbin.  Matthew missed his family, almost all of whom have been in the area their entire lives. So, he moved back to the nature, town and people that he loves.  Matthew wants to help people find homes and comfortable living situations in these beautiful and unique towns. Matthew will listen to your individual needs and wants to use his extensive knowledge of the area to assist you. Matthew will look forward to working with you and guiding you through the process of selling your home, or buying a new one. Visit Matthew Crowner's website today!