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Should you keep your home on the market during the holidays?  During these chilly winter months, home buyers are looking on-line in the comfort of their own homes.  So, why not keep it on the market?  Here are some tips for selling your home during the holiday season: 

Decorate, but don't overdo.  Keep your holiday décor to a tasteful minimum making sure to avoid clutter.  Keep the architectural features and assets of your home visible.


Professional Photos.  Your on-line photos are the most important representation of your home to prospective buyers.  Flattering photos using a high quality digital SLR camera brings out the best in every home.  Pretty photos of your holiday home may often be shared on social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest.  Your Jones agent will go that extra mile to bring your home's best characteristics to the forefront of the audience.

Videos.  Placing a video tour of your home on You Tube brings your home to a wider audience.  Our Jones agents have utilized a new cutting-edge video program allowing for actual still photos, as well as live video to be integrated together capturing the essence of the home, inside and out.

Buyer Deadline.  Some home buyers may have a deadline to be out of their homes or into a new job before the spring market.  In the 5 College Area, many prospective hires in the colleges and university begin touring the area in January.

Incentives.  If you are under a deadline to sell your home in the winter months, it might be time to consider offering some incentives.  Some examples are offering closing costs, concessions for new appliances, carpet or other cosmetic upgrades, or offering the first 6 months in condo fees.

A Welcoming Appeal.  Make sure your walkway is shoveled and that the lights are turned on for showings.  Turn up the thermostat, have a fire going in the fireplace or wood stove and bake cookies.  The home should be warm and inviting to prospective buyers so that they will want to linger. 

Competition.  There are fewer homes on the market creating less competition.  Your home will stand out and be viewed more on-line over the winter months. 

Relax and enjoy your holiday season.  Since this is the last holiday season on your home, enjoy it!  Invite family and friends for gatherings, bake that turkey dinner and look forward to the next chapter in your life! 


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