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The HGTV House Hunters episode featuring our own Donna Wesoloski will air on Thursday, February 23rd at 10 p.m.  The House Hunters crew flew in from California back in July to film partners,  David Gontaruk and Ranny Zamperlini  on their search for the perfect Home in Northampton, Massachusetts and surrounding area.  Will they choose a beautiful Home in a quiet rural setting, or will they opt for a spot where they're closer to the action?  You'll see some of your favorite hang out spots in downtown Northampton along with some bucolic views of the area.  Check out Donna's interview with Western Mass News, and read the recent article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette to learn more.


Jones Group REALTORS®  is hosting an Open House – HGTV House Hunters Viewing Party, Friday, February 24th from 4-7 at our Northampton office located at 238 Bridge Street.  We'll have several screens available for viewing the episode, as well as refreshments.  The public is invited – we hope to see you there!



Winter is upon us and homeowners are at an increased risk of fire hazards. Many culprits include fireplaces, space heaters, faulty electrical outlets/cords and candles. The important first step to fire prevention is ensuring that your smoke detectors are in working order and are in proper locations.  You may even wish to invite your local fire department to assist you with the current requirements or codes. Be aware that some towns require hard-wired smoke detectors. Check out the new Massachusetts Smoke Alarm Requirements.