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Tiffani RiceBy Tiffani Rice  

As the year of 2017 flutters by, it's time to slower the pace and relish in the vibrancy of our unique community, as we gather at the annual Paradise City Arts Festival. Hosted in Northampton during the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend, you and your family will be immersed in representations from over 240 mindfully selected artists and craftsmen through the visual arts, exciting fashion and design, incredible live music, and much more! Brace yourself as you will be blown away by the exceptionally beautiful ceramics, jewelry, leather, paper works, photography, and sculptures crafted by the Festival's gifted artists! Expect to indulge in the best food from all around the Northampton area, from restaurant appearances from the best in the business, such as Local Burger, Pizzeria Paradiso, Bart's Homemade Ice Cream, just to name a few. Get a taste of the world as you chow down on "exotic curries, pad thai, wood-fired pizza, fresh lobster rolls, pulled pork sliders, dim sum, locavore burgers, overstuffed burritos," and of course plenty more. This year the Arts Festival will be showcasing three exciting additions to the Northampton show, "Exhibition Buildings, a Sculpture Promenade and a new location for the Festival Dining Tent and Soundstage." The Arts Festival is an experience worth sharing with your neighbors and greater community. Don't suffer from #FOMO (fear of missing out), make memories that will last a lifetime. This festival is just one of the dozens of reasons why Northampton and the Pioneer Valley is the perfect place for you and your family to call home, and you just may see a friendly Jones Group REALTOR smiling your way. 


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We are delighted to welcome Eric Penza to our Amherst Team!

I am a native of Amherst and now live in Sunderland with my wife, two sons and our two rescue dogs. I attended Wildwood Elementary and Amherst Regional High School. I lived in Guilford, VT for ten years and returned to Sunderland eleven years ago. Growing up in Amherst, for me, was so much fun. There were many kids in my neighborhood and summer nights would last forever. Whether we were playing kick ball or Frisbee or whatever game we could invent, we didn't go inside unless it was dinner time or it was dark out. I was a newspaper delivery boy and would rush through as quickly as possible so I could ride my bike to Puffers Pond or Lake Warner in Hadley to go fishing.

Many Saturday mornings we would visit my grandparents in Sunderland. In the early spring, we would run to the sap buckets on the maple trees that lined the street and eat the icicles that had formed from the sap freezing overnight. Sundays in the summer were usually spent at my Aunt and Uncles cottage on a lake in Goshen. We would spend the day fishing, catching frogs, playing games and would finish the day with a barbeque.

As I grew older, I began to help my parents with yard work and maintenance on our apartments in Sunderland. Learning how to paint, repair plumbing, and do minor carpentry work. This gave me my first real experience with real estate. My father had several properties in Sunderland, my godfather was a real estate agent and my Aunt and Uncle had their own brokerage for many years. This inspired me to purchase my own rental properties four years ago. I currently own two buildings in North Adams. 

Now I have come full circle and have chosen to work as a real estate sales agent. The wonderful people at Jones Group Realtors have given me the opportunity to show you the amazing properties the Amherst area and Pioneer Valley have to offer. Whether you like to hike, ride bicycles, fish or would rather curl up with a book from one of the many local libraries, go shopping or go to sporting events there are so many things to do here. I look forward to helping you find a home you can call your own.

Email Eric at

Call or text at 413-687-1627