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We are delighted to welcome Danielle van Over to our Amherst Team! Danielle has proven to be sharp with the pace of real estate, which really takes the stress off the clients she works with. In addition to being concise in the business, she is also very compassionate and has a great listening ear, which means your concerns will be heard throughout the process of buying or selling your home. Danielle does an excellent job of ensuring that all her clients get everything they need in a highly proficient way.

Danielle participates in a variety of activities that are sure to keep her outdoors, including photography, film making, camping, mountain biking (and down-hill), off-roading, horseback riding and training, as well as knitting. Danielle has been known to really integrate into community wherever she goes.  You may even find her fishing with coworkers, or taking a walk around town during lunch break with one of her associates. She also offers a very fitting service to the Pioneer Valley, in which she gives biking tours to and from a series of homes with individual clients, on a select basis. This is such a revolutionary way to really connect with the neighborhood of your home-to-be! If this sounds like your scene, you should definitely talk to Danielle.

Danielle has lived in several states including California, Montana, New York (city and upstate), and Washington D.C. However, in 2007 she moved with her husband and family to the Pioneer Valley, starting in Turners Falls and stretching as far as Granby. Because of this, Danielle has a lot of knowledge of the Valley, and will certainly be able to help you pick out a great neighborhood for your needs. Danielle's skill set expands past residential properties, into agricultural properties, as well. She enjoys working in both areas of real estate, and is knowledgeable and hardworking throughout the duration of all transactions.

Contact Danielle at 413-461-0854.