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Visit our weekend open houses and meet some of our professional REALTORS.  May 20-21, 2017


In 2015, residential real estate had its best year since 2009, marking the end of the great recession.  Inventory remained low, however demand was high keeping the machine rolling along.  Interest rates are still at historical lows and should allow first-time homebuyers to continue to realize their dream of homeownership in 2016.  The main obstacle for some is the rise in student loan debt.  Read all about the Massachusetts stats by county from the 2015 Annual Report on the MLS PIN Housing Market.  You will notice in Hampshire County that the median sales price rose, as well as the number of closed sales.


With current low inventory we are suggesting that if your property is in good condidition, it's better to list earlier rather than later.  The buyers are looking now! Our Jones Team of 60+ experienced REALTORS® will provide you with a market analysis on your Home as well as all the tools to promote your property in today's technological market. Contact your favorite agent today!


We are delighted to welcome Matthew Crowner to our Amherst office. Matthew grew up in the Amherst/Pelham area having lived here almost his entire life, the last three years being the exception. During that time, he lived in New York City where he took improv comedy classes and did a little bit of acting.  Mathew and friends began their own improv team and performed and hosted dozens of shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Though he loved New York, he never felt at home there like in Western Massachusetts.  Matthew missed the feeling this area can give you, including the beauty of Amethyst Brook,  Mt. Sugarloaf and the Quabbin.  Matthew missed his family, almost all of whom have been in the area their entire lives. So, he moved back to the nature, town and people that he loves.  Matthew wants to help people find homes and comfortable living situations in these beautiful and unique towns. Matthew will listen to your individual needs and wants to use his extensive knowledge of the area to assist you. Matthew will look forward to working with you and guiding you through the process of selling your home, or buying a new one. Visit Matthew Crowner's website today!


We are delighted to welcome Susan Buckland of Michele's Team to our Amherst Team.  Susan has lived along the East Coast all her life, with homes in Connecticut, New York City, Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and currently North Amherst. Her good fortune in discovering this remarkable area was through her daughter who attended Hampshire College years ago.

Susan's love of the Pioneer Valley lies in its unique landscape, farm preservation, hill town communities and small town sensibilities. Susan was also drawn to the vibrant population, music scene, restaurants, cultural exposure, as well the tremendous sense of community and strong commitment to social justice.

Susan's background is quite varied and includes Project Management and Casting for Universal Studios FL, Stage Management, owner of an Antiques and Collectible Shop and a Home Staging Accreditation. All of these areas of expertise bring with them a broad range of skills and experience which Susan incorporates when assisting buyers and sellers alike in achieving their goals. 

Susan would love to have the opportunity to meet you and your Real Estate needs! Contact Susan at 413-588-1168 or sbuckland@jonesrealtors.com.


There remain many unknowns regarding the 2012 Biggert-Waters Act (BW-12) which raises insurance rates to reflect flood risk.  The good news is that in a 67-32 bi-partisan vote in the US Senate on January 30th, the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act passed which would require a four-year delay in implementation of the Biggert-Waters Act.  It now heads to the House of Representatives. "This delay would provide the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the time to complete an affordability study and research the true impact of the law as we have experienced it here." said Massachusetts Association of REALTORS (MAR) President Peter Ruffini. Read more from MAR's recent post.

Explore the FEMA site for more information.  The Insurance Journal provides another in-depth look at the big picture.

Whether buying or selling, you may be asked to sign a new Flood Insurance Notice from MAR.  We advise that you review your homeowner's insurance policy and pay close attention to any information pertaining to flood insurance.