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OPEN HOUSES are an essential part of selling Homes. They are a great way for buyers to view a new listing to the market, or for taking that second look.  Our open houses are advertised through the internet, social media, local print media, and are well attended.

Recently we hosted several Greenleaves Over 55 Condominium open houses, and an offer was received on one of them shortly thereafter. Many REALTORS® may say, "I've never sold a home at an open house."  Well that is not the case! It is happening more and more, and an open house always piques one's interest.  We can see this through our website and other site analytics.  Once your property open house is placed on the internet, the hits, or views on the internet, increase.

The Boston Globe recently published an article all about Open House behavior of visitors, and why REALTORS® host them.  

This Globe article discusses the benefits of having weeknight open houses.  The Jones Team often hosts a Friday "commuter open house" for the convenience of the busy working buyer. A weeknight open house also offers a different view of the vibrancy of a neighborhood when everyone is home.  

Our team of 60+ REALTORS® are here to represent your property with the utmost accuracy, integrity and professionalism.  If you're thinking of selling your property, contact one of our three offices for a FREE Market Analysis.  We'll be happy to host your open house and get it SOLD!