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The web is constantly evolving —we see more and more content for Real Estate everyday. Keeping up with the web and figuring out what is new and interesting is sometimes difficult.

So, we at  JONES GROUP REALTORS® are working to bring together our insights and our industry leaders, responsible for the latest real estate investments and technologies to help you better understand the latest trends in Real Estate. We will share our knowledge, experiences and will be able to  advise you on how you can use these  new websites, tools and apps in your quest be an informed consumer.

This site is sponsored and maintained by all the Men and Women of  JONES GROUP REALTORS®.   Our community — people like you who contribute valuable content, through video, blog posts and Tweets. Or you can simply drop us an email to tell us about the latest and next great things you discover.

We would love to have our fellow business partners and friends join us in discussion.  The goal is simple – find and highlight the newest websites, tools and trends to assist you in your search for your new or existing property.  Interested?  Contact us.

Participate now.  We can't do it without you.