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How do connections in the real estate market benefit you?  Jones Group REALTORS® currently provide 60 REALTORS® who meet regularly to discuss their buyers' and sellers' needs not only within the Jones Company, but also with other area agencies through various networking events. Together the Jones Team shares relevant market and community news, and local speakers are invited to the Jones offices to communicate the latest news, or changes in local permitting processes, new commercial ventures, changes in mortgage lending rules and other important information that directly affect buyers and sellers.  The Jones Team attends weekly MLS REALTOR® tours of new properties in the area to have a full understanding of the current market. Stepping foot inside a property and seeing its surrounding properties gives the Jones Team more information for sellers and buyers than just reviewing the listing online. The Jones Team KNOWS the MARKET.

We appreciate that today's home buyers and sellers have access to a multitude of housing databases and information with the ability to begin their own research. Jones Group REALTORS®' success has always been powered by viewing our clients as equal and respected partners, while delivering the full service our clients deserve to achieve a satisfied outcome.  We are working and living in a more informed, collaborative real estate community…providing true value through every step of the home buying and selling process. 

Since 1958, Providing You the Service You Deserve.